Make painfully organising your own brunch snaps a thing of the past. iBuffet automatically detects when a photo is taken at a brunch, using unique technology that can spot ‘brunchness’, such as two heads grinning together behind a champagne glass, or plate piled high with both sushi and baked beans.

So many fatwas are issued each day that it’s often difficult for busy professionals keep up to speed with what they should be banishing from their daily routine. FatwApp automatically downloads the latest edicts each morning and, using complex personality algorithms, highlights those that will affect you.

Always Adele
We all love Adele, but sometimes local radio stations have annoying gaps between her songs of up to 20 seconds in length. This handy app automatically tunes in to whichever station is currently playing Adele, ensuring that ‘Someone Like You’ is never ‘Rolling In The Deep’ without her!


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