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Man’s 2014 in doubt as extensive personal roundup of 2013 fails to garner adequate Facebook likes

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Man’s 2014 in doubt as extensive personal roundup of 2013 fails to garner adequate Facebook likes

Lengthy social media summary of year’s achievements met with lacklustre response

BEIRUT: A man has told reporters that he’s “not sure he’ll even bother” with 2014, after a detailed roundup of his experiences over the past 12 months attracted just two likes since it was posted to Facebook earlier in the week.

Adam Trebuchet, a 33-year-old Lebanese web entrepreneur, spent several hours last Sunday penning an extensive summary of his 2013, taking time to describe various career-based achievements, his “stunning” new Beirut apartment and his recent engagement to the “world’s most beautiful girl”, 27-year-old marketing graduate Julia.

“It had all the highlights in there, alongside a few amusing anecdotes from a summer skiing holiday in France and a poignant moment towards the end where I offered appreciation and recognition to my family and friends for their support, financially and emotionally,” he said.

But as of this morning, the 545-word personal essay had received just two Facebook likes, one from his fiancé Julia and another from a Canadian man Trebuchet met at a house party in 2007 and hasn’t spoken to since.

“I had actually set a minimum like count of 40, but was also hoping for a least 10 or so comments or emoticons underneath,” he revealed. “To be honest, given this somewhat disappointing and lacklustre response, I’m beginning to reconsider my entire options for 2014.”

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  1. Mr C

    January 5, 2014 at 10:07 am

    agree, sleep in 2014…. maybe times are hard and people can not afford communications devices

  2. Alan O'Connell

    January 7, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    I know your pain Adam. The fact is that being successful in your career, home, love and skiing have simply been done before. By a LOT of people, its just not original. It wasn’t until I became a circus performer, married the walrus in the front hall of the horniman museum, and went on 2 british seaside holidays where I promoted naturism despite my tiny genitals, that others began to appreciate my worthless existence on this earth. Good luck buddy. PS – wearing a silly hat helps.

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