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Abu Dhabi grocery accidentally signs Man City sponsorship


Abu Dhabi grocery accidentally signs Man City sponsorship

In haze of Man United victory, small grocery owner signs $6 million deal

ABU DHABI: While there were undoubtedly many sore heads across Manchester and Abu Dhabi the morning after Manchester City’s crucial 1-0 victory over rivals United, one business owner woke up to discover an altogether larger headache.

Amid the excitement of City’s first and vital goal, Ahmad Ahmed, proprietor of the Happy Summer Foodstuffs store in Abu Dhabi, signed a sponsorship deal with the English team that would see the name of his shop appear on the packaging of all food sales in the Etihad Stadium over the next three years.

Signed in a smokey English-themed bar in Abu Dhabi during half-time, the $6 million contract is, according to lawyers, unbreakable without a sizeable cancellation fee.

“I’m screwed,” exclaimed Ahmad Ahmed to The Pan-Arabia Enquirer. “My tiny corner shop sells chewing gum, bottles of water and assorted out-of-date snacks, and yet I wake up with a splitting migraine to discover I’m now sponsoring every edible product sold by the world’s wealthiest football club. I guess I just got a bit too excited. The wife is going to kill me.”

Ahmed said he was planning to turn to the government for a bailout package to support his “minor financial hiccup”.

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