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Abu Dhabi to build world’s biggest mobile app factory


Abu Dhabi to build world’s biggest mobile app factory

New facility aims to manufacture 10,000 apps per day

ABU DHABI: The UAE is soon set to become a major international player in the mobile applications industry. Following an announcement made this morning, the world’s biggest app factory will be built in Abu Dhabi at a cost of $50 million, with aims that the first piece of software will roll off the assembly lines by January 2015.

“We have bold ambitions for our record-breaking factory,” said the project manager Mahmoud Gazump. “Once it is fully functional, we expect to be manufacturing up to 10,000 apps each day, which we hope to export all over the world.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mushkila

    February 5, 2014 at 4:16 am

    AAPL – Apple Inc. (Nasdaq GS) announced from its off-shore secret APP-FAC that it will soon launch an App to counter the announcement by Abu Dhabi and the UAE to build the world’s largest App Factory…

    …said Johnathon “Granny” Johnagold-Honeycrisp, Apple’s Senior App Designer and Head Orchard Keeper, “…we will soon be announcing an Uber-App that will create Apps for everything else needing an App…” He went on to give his App-inion that, “…factories, businesses, stores and countries will soon be App-solete…”

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