Adobe warns Iran after “one bad Photoshop job too far”

A recent example of shoddy Iranian photoshoppery

A recent example of shoddy Iranian photoshoppery

SAN JOSE: Software manufacturer Adobe has warned that it is planning imminent strikes against Iran’s image manipulation facilities after what military chiefs have said was a “shoddy Photoshop job too far”.

The past few weeks have seen a dramatic rise in the number of rubbish Photoshopped images coming out of Iran and executives at Adobe are believed to have finally grown tired of the bad publicity for their renowned picture editing software.

“Every time we see a cut-out image of an Iranian fighter jet stuck awkwardly on a picture of some sky, or a load of missile batteries that have dramatically – and amateurishly – doubled in number, it’s always Photoshop this or Photoshop that,” said Middle East analyst Harvey Wigwam. “Sooner or later, Adobe was going to snap.”

The final straw seems to have been an image that was released last week of Ahmadinejad hugging Egyptian politician Mohamed ElBaradei at Hugo Chavez’ funeral.

“I mean, whoever was behind that piece of work had seemingly forgotten that Ahmadinejad is about a foot shorter than ElBaradei,” said an insider at the software house. “Something had to be done. It’s not like Microsoft Paint gets dragged through the mud each time.”

The Iranian news agency Fars has responded to the threat with a large picture of Ahmadinejad holding a clumsily-Photoshopped rocket launcher, overlaid with the words ‘U DONT SCARE US ADOBE’ in large purple Comic Sans.

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2 Responses to Adobe warns Iran after “one bad Photoshop job too far”

  1. Mackheath1 March 26, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Very enjoyable.

  2. muttley April 30, 2013 at 8:53 am

    I have the pictures to prove Mr DinnerJacket is in fact a woman called Susan with a flat head and 3ft tall with no teeth!


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