Beirut tourism chiefs hope fresh bullet holes will encourage new generation of worthy Western backpackers

BEIRUT: Having canned last week’s decision to sue the makers of US TV show Homeland for its violent portrayal of Beirut, Lebanese tourism chiefs are now hoping the new wave of violence in the capital will actually see a surge in overseas visitors.

“Over the years, we’ve welcomed hundreds of thousands of worthy Western backpackers to our city to take well-meaning photos – often in black and white for added effect – of buildings still bearing the scars of the civil war that we haven’t bothered tearing down,” said Nadya el-Bottletop, chief marketing officer for the Lebanon Tourism Authority.

“But to be honest, these bullet pockmarks and bombshell holes are getting a bit on the old side. We’re hoping that the recent violence will provide a fresh array of battle scars to attract a new generation of earnest holidaymaker.”

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