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Gulf culinary chiefs praise new Pizza Hut offering


Gulf culinary chiefs praise new Pizza Hut offering

Region expected to stay atop world fat leagues with Cheese Burger Crown Crust Burger pizza

DOHA: Middle East officials have come out in praise of fast food chain Pizza Hut over a new addition to its menu.

The Cheese Burger Crown Crust Burger, which was unveiled last week, features a unique blend of two delicious favourites, with grilled mini cheeseburgers nestled in the crust of a pizza topped with beef. Pizza Hut has called this scrummy creation the ‘Most Royal Pizza Ever’.

Culinary genius aside, the new dish – which is only available in the Middle East – has been hailed as the region’s best chance for maintaining its stranglehold of the prestigious Fat League tables.

Earlier this year, Qatar was named as the fattest country on Earth, with a gut-busting 50 per cent of all adults labelled obese. The UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have also appeared prominently in the top half of most obese league tables.

But with the USA snapping at Qatar’s chubby heels, along with those overweight overlords in the South Pacific islands of Nauru and Tonga a permanent threat, the concern was that it wouldn’t hold the top spot for long.

“Thanks to Pizza Hut and its wonderful Cheese Burger Crown Crust Burger, our international competition has been dealt a severe blow,” said Duncan Donuts, head of the Doha-based Middle East Diabetic Funding Acquisition Association.

“If they want to catch us up now they’re going to really have to pull their socks up which, let’s face, isn’t going to be an easy task if you’re 20 stone.”

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