Disappearance of second champagne flute from Facebook profile pic sparks fears for expat’s marriage

DUBAI, UAE: Friends of Meryl ‘Mez’ O’Shaunessy were fearing the worst for the Scottish expat’s marriage last night after the 33-year-old advertising executive made an unexpected change to her Facebook profile picture.

According to media reports, at around 10pm local time O’Shaunessy replaced her previous image of two champagne flutes sat beside a bottle of Vueve Clicquot on a sunlounger with one of solitary glass of sparkling wine, believed to be in Emirates airline’s business class lounge. No explanation was given at the time.

“What are supposed to assume, that Gary’s no longer around anymore? Or is Mez simply flying somewhere and got an upgrade? But if so, why not with Gary?” asked Kez McDonald, a former school friend of O’Shaunessy. “I just hope it’s a one-off and she puts back up that shot of them grinning together on the beach in front of the funny-shaped hotel soon.”

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