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DJ admits he “may have overdone” online promoting

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DJ admits he “may have overdone” online promoting

Dubai-based Habibi 2000 posted 672,000 Facebook messages about club night in one week

DUBAI: A Dubai-based DJ and club promoter yesterday admitted that efforts over the past week to promote his latest event via social media had gone beyond the usual call of duty.

DJ Habibi 2000 took to Facebook last Tuesday to promote his op-U-lent night to be held this weekend at Dubai’s Guccci nightclub. Starting with a simple status update urging his friends to ‘book tables early’, he has since gone on to post an estimated 672,000 messages on the social media site, ranging from requests for guestlist names to suggested track listings for the night. In one burst late Friday, he posted over 140,000 promotional messages in a 20 minute period and set up 192 dedicated Facebook groups.

“I may have overdone it a little,” Habibi 2000 told The Pan-Arabia Enquirer. “But as a club promoter, it’s my job to use every available resource to harass the living hell out of everybody until they either give in or delete me as a friend.”

Unfortunately, op-U-lent had only two confirmed guests as of this morning, with one being DJ Habibi 2000 himself.

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