Dubai to lead world in forecasting future growth by 2023

DUBAI: The UAE emirate of Dubai is set to lead the world in future predictions within the next decade, according to a new study published this morning.

Taking into account current growth rates of forecasting, researchers at the Gulf Bureau of Statistics calculated that Dubai’s future predictions in areas such as tourism and commerce would beat all others by 2023.

“We’ve seen phenomenal double-digit rises in future predictions across all sectors, and are forecasting a 28.7 per cent growth next year and 34.3 per cent in 2015,” said lead analyst Rocko Wrangler.

“Our figures show that Dubai will soon overtake the rest of the world and become the number one destination for future projections, particularly with regard to predicted visitor numbers, airport traffic, mall space and stuff made out of gold.”

One Response to Dubai to lead world in forecasting future growth by 2023

  1. Issa June 15, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Is this a forecast of a forecast?
    And by this forecast aren’t you guys Changing the forecast?
    I mean this is like the 2 slit physics experiment where observation changes the nature of the outcome.
    And your forecast has most definitely changed the forecast.


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