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Dubai to Introduce Exclusive Luxury ‘VIP VAT’ for Elite Consumers


Dubai to Introduce Exclusive Luxury ‘VIP VAT’ for Elite Consumers

Dubai to Introduce Exclusive Luxury ‘VIP VAT’ for Elite Consumers

The 7-star 5 percent tax on consumption will only be available to 5,000 people and is already oversubscribed.

Value Added Tax may be landing in the UAE, but for an exclusive group of Dubai residents it’s going to come with an extra splash of luxury.

VIP VAT, to be launched simultaneously on January 1, will be a 7-star 5 percent tax on consumption only available to Dubai’s gilt-edged elite.

“Our high rollers expect first class treatment when it comes to flying, dining and other aspects of life, so there should be no exception when it comes to taxation,” said Mahmoud Ghazal, head of the Ministry of Finance’s Luxury Division.

The exclusive embossed platinum VIP VAT card – which comes with an annual fee of AED10,000 – should be shown before making a purchase, enabling users to pay the luxury rate of tax instead of the standard edition.

“We’re going to be offering this 23-carat tax service to just 5,000 people as part of our soft launch,” added Ghazal. “As you can imagine, demand has been off the chart. We’ve already got a waiting list of more than 30,000!”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vatious maximus

    January 2, 2018 at 8:17 am

    I think my tax should be more expensive than the tax for the peasants, why only 5% this seems too low..

    I want to pay more for the luxury version of tax so I can show all my friends how rich I am, and i suggest the Vat return forms have gold flake embedded in the paper..

    also for online submissions I would like o suggest gold plated keyboard and mouse to feel the luxury whilst filing returns

    we can again be the first in the world with this concept

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