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Fears as al-Qaeda unveils world’s first 3D printed terror cell


Fears as al-Qaeda unveils world’s first 3D printed terror cell

Terrorist group reveals cell made entirely using components manufactured from basic 3D printer

World leaders have expressed concern after representatives from al-Qaeda revealed what they claimed to be the world’s first terror cell made entirely from components manufactured using a basic 3D printer.

The new terror cell, which was revealed in a video broadcast yesterday by the group from Yemen, has been confirmed as real by experts, prompting fears that more could become operational around the world and that the design could soon find its way online.

In a statement released this morning, the US Department of Homeland Security said that under current laws, printing a terror cell in the US would be “considered illegal” and that it was “deeply concerned about the potential spread of such technology of hate”.

“As the cost of 3D printing plummets, without the right response now we could soon see terror cells being mass produced in living rooms across the world,” warned US secretary of state John Kerry.

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