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First expats already spotted gathering DVD box sets for summer hibernation

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First expats already spotted gathering DVD box sets for summer hibernation

Sightings of Gulf residents stocking up on Mad Men and Breaking Bad DVDs

The Middle East’s typical harsh summer climes might be some weeks away, but that has stopped the first expats – and even a few Gulf nationals! – from beginning the important task of stocking up on vital DVD box sets to see them through the hibernation period.

Across the region, eager expats have been spotted picking up new and old DVDs with one aim: to ensure that when the temperature gauge tops 40 Celsius in June, they won’t have to leave their apartments until September.

“I’ve already seen three people so far pick up the Mad Men season six box set,” said Stefan Tremor, a nature enthusiast in Abu Dhabi. “It’s not a bad choice, with a solid 700 minutes of viewing time, and an interesting story arc as Peggy vies for success with her new employers at Cutler, Gleason and Chaough. But you’re really going to need more to survive.”

Other popular choices for 2014 include the complete box set of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones season three and True Blood season six.

“Breaking Bad is a no brainer, I mean you’ve got 47 hours of quality drama, with far less diminishing returns on repeat views than most others,” said Hanna Sparrow, a UN advisor on Middle East wildlife affairs in Doha. “Though for Game of Thrones, I just fear that with season four currently airing it could lead to chronological confusion.”

But it’s not just the latest releases that will be eating up those precious hours spent inside, and titles such as BBC’s The Blue Planet, Ally McBeal and Twin Peaks have also been sighted in shopping baskets.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw old classics like The Wire and maybe even Six Feet Under making an appearance this year,” added Tremor. “I would, however, strongly advice anyone against Lost, despite its extended length. Last year we had too many incidents of angry, confused viewers emerging back outside come September and wanting to smash the nearest person in the face.”

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  1. sheikhajlo

    April 3, 2014 at 6:43 am

    Don’t need to watch a box set to make me want to punch someone in the face. Driving 10 minutes to work does that for me


    April 7, 2014 at 10:51 am

    It’s ‘ESTIVation’ not hibernation – tut, the quality of journalism around here…

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