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Garlic dip/mayonnaise mix-up claims another victim


Garlic dip/mayonnaise mix-up claims another victim

Authorities urged to act following 53rd such incident this year

Governments across the region were being urged to step in last night after a tourist was hospitalised having mistaken garlic dip for mayonnaise, the 53rd such incident recorded since the start of the year.

The tourist, believed to be an American woman visiting her daughter studying in Beirut, was eating at a popular Lebanese restaurant when the accident occurred. According to sources, she had ordered a shish tawouk and a plate of chips, which she proceeded to smother in an “terrifyingly thick” layer of the accompanying garlic dip.

“We weren’t exactly sure what she was doing at first, but when we realised she had made a mistake it was too late… the chip was already in the mouth,” an eyewitness told a local TV news reporter. “I can still picture that look on her face.”

Doctors expect the woman to make a full recovery, although they say it could be months before her taste buds are back in working order.

“Due to the strength of the dip, we’ve been forced to quarantine her for the next few days,” said Dr Femke Clavicle. “Her daughter has been able to visit, but they’ve only been able to interact through a four-inch thick reinforced glass window.”

With such incidents on the rise across the region, many medical groups and tourism associations are now urging authorities to act, with several suggesting that all pots of garlic dip should come with a clear, multi-lingual warning sign.

“Whatever it is, something needs to happen very soon,” said Maysoon Crumble, head of the Arabian Tours ‘N Travel operator. “Last week an entire street had to be evacuated in Dubai after a coach-load of elderly tourists made the same mistake.”

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  1. Enid

    May 8, 2013 at 5:27 am

    People will never learn. I’ve been a victim of such a middle eastern food mix up faux pas myself. A simple folded over “Manakish” taken and bit into in a hurry can provide an alarming Zaatar / Not Cheese incident. Often this can simply bring a dose of comedy to my Arab office co-workers, but on one occasion, I witnessed a Dubai “newbie” actually shit themselves.

  2. Martha

    May 9, 2013 at 8:10 am

    We have been lobbying for authorities to act on this for years. Until now, there has been no formal discussion on this. I ask Dubai to take the mantle of leadership on this and organize an International Conference to bring such misery to an end. They could even establish a Dubai Mayonaise City and Dubai Garlic Dip City to promote independently both condiments sidelined by some sort of world record anyone?

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