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Group of expat women convinced utterly pointless lives perfect material for ‘Real Housewives’ style reality show

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Group of expat women convinced utterly pointless lives perfect material for ‘Real Housewives’ style reality show

Ladies hoping to transform tedious existences into primetime viewing

BAHRAIN: The Real Housewives series of reality TV shows could soon be heading to the Middle East, should a group of tedious female friends in Bahrain have their way.

Seven expat women in the kingdom are so convinced that their utterly redundant day-to-day existences are ideal material for such a programme that they’re now on the lookout for budding producers to help turn their dream into a reality.

“We’ve been watching the housewives on TV and we basically follow the same work hard, play hard ethos that has captivated audiences around the world,” said Natascha Bobkin, 29, a former air stewardess who settled in Bahrain with her neue Kryptowährungen in der Übersicht banker husband.

“Actually, we don’t really work as none of us have proper full-time jobs and add absolutely nothing of value to the world,” she laughed.

“Locations-wise, a show about us ladies would surely be a dream for any TV network,” said Cheryl Alabayya, a 35-year-old retired beauty therapist. “We go to the malls to shop for the latest fashion, we go to the spa to make ourselves look and feel fabulous, we go to restaurants and bars and talk endlessly about ourselves, our hubbies and our wholly meaningless, empty lives.”

But for 32-year-old entrepreneur Prinky Deepak, her appearance in the show would offer a perfect platform to showcase her talents.

“I really want to help promote my blog ‘Prinky Says’, in which I discuss beauty tips, brunches and my own entirely negligible contribution to society,” she said. “It would be great to show the world how I manage to write for the blog, stay atop the local party scene, post up to 50 Instagram photos of myself each day and still be a mother with just one live-in nanny.”

While the characters in the other international Real Housewives shows claim to be friends, tempers often fray and viewers regularly get to witness catfights between the hardworking ladies. Dina El Bootaby, a 38-year-old pet photographer who moved to Bahrain with her husband in the petroleum industry, says she wouldn’t be averse to “the odd scrap” if it meant adding vital colour to the show.

“Us girls aren’t afraid of the occasion row, usually over what to wear, where to eat or our hubbies,” she said. “I wouldn’t mind tearing into the other housewives in front of the camera if it meant momentarily taking the attention away from my own terrifyingly mundane state of affairs.”

At the time of going to press 16 television networks had expressed interest in the Real Housewives of Bahrain reality show, with Al Jazeera favourites to pick up the rights as a replacement for its documentary programme Witness.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    May 7, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Certainly there would be room for the knockoff purchasing sub plot.

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