Hacked food blogger blames China

Lovelace says any downtime on her website is costly given that its followers have almost reached double figures

DOHA: Citing the recent heightened focus on international cyber warfare, a food blogger in Doha has claimed that Chinese hackers were behind a recent attack on her website.

Brenda Lovelace, 42, says that her website Getting Fatter In Qatar, which features reviews of several Doha restaurants along with occasional musings about expat life, went down for approximately 25 minutes late last Thursday.

“I’m convinced the attack came from China, no doubt a knee-jerk response to my review of Mr Wong’s Oriental Kitchen last week in which I suggested that the wonton soup was below par” she told reporters.

“Although I wouldn’t be surprised if was the same people who hacked the Burger King Twitter account the other week, or maybe even the Anonymous guys. According to my web statistics I’ve had two clicks from the US so far this year, so I’m fairly internationally known now.”

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