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Hasselhoff set to perform for Egyptian protestors

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Hasselhoff set to perform for Egyptian protestors

TV legend will reportedly sing inspirational hit ‘Looking For Freedom’ – which brought down the Berlin Wall – to the demonstrators in Cairo

David Hasselhoff was last night reportedly preparing for a sensational musical return that would put him back on the world stage. The US television and pop star, who shot to fame when he single-handedly brought down the Berlin Wall in 1989, is now set to do the same in Egypt and help topple the autocratic regime of Hosni Mubarak through the power of music.

Hasselhoff’s song ‘Looking For Freedom’ is widely recognised as having played an instrumental role in stirring the mood of discontent that eventually saw Germany reunited over 20 years ago. Protestors in Egypt, in need of a well-known figurehead to lead the uprising, have now turned to the Baywatch star and asked him to perform the same song to the demonstrators, hoping the overwhelming sense of euphoria generated will be enough for the final push in overthrowing Mubarak.

While nothing has been confirmed, several sources in Los Angeles have said that Hasselhoff had agreed to the terms, and was reportedly seen trying on the same leather jacket covered in twinkling Christmas lights he wore on the Berlin Wall in 1989.

“For the angry, poetry comes out of Hasselhoff solid” said protest leader Omar Ali-Oop, speaking to The Pan-Arabia Enquirer through Google Translate.

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1 Comment

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