Iranian tourism industry looking to capitalise on Argo awards success

TEHRAN: With the Ben Affleck-directed Iranian hostage drama Argo continuing to dominate awards season and building up momentum ahead of February’s Oscars, moves are being made within Iran’s tourism industry to capitalise on the film’s ongoing success.

According to a press release from the country’s Ministry for Non-Spying Overseas Visitors, the government is urging all male residents of Tehran to grow beards and shout hysterically “in order to create that special Argo experience for thrill-seeking tourists”.

There are also plans to create an ‘Argo Tour Package’, in which groups will be able to visit several locations from the film filled with traditional bearded Iranian fanatics shouting manically, waving banners and occasionally stomping on flags.

“Should Argo go on to grab an Academy Award, that kind of international exposure could make this luxury package the ‘it’ vacation of 2013,” said Trivvy Fruhstuck, editor of Condé Naste Traveller magazine.

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