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ISIS commander denounces “hot young men rubbing their muscular, taut bodies against each other”


ISIS commander denounces “hot young men rubbing their muscular, taut bodies against each other”

Jihadist fighter justifies murder of homosexuals

Gay men should be killed because “hot young studs should not be rubbing their oiled, muscular, masculine, tight bodies against each other in ways that bring shameful thoughts to my mind,” declared ISIS commander Ahmed Al Kufari at a press conference yesterday.

“The idea of it – handsome, athletic young men dressed in tight jeans, oiling each others muscular bodies and pressing their taunt, tanned skin against each other, filled with youthful passion, their beautiful bodies glistening in the desert moonlight. It’s beau… disgraceful and enters bad thoughts into a man’s head,” he explained.

Al Kufari was justifying the release of ISIS videos showing homosexual men being flung from the top of buildings in Mosul and other ISIS controlled cities.

“How else can we stop these impure thoughts from entering our heads?” he said. “I’m a happily married heterosexual man. The last thing I want to think about is two young men in tight shorts working out together in a gym, their eyes suddenly meeting, knowing that their workout session will end in unbridled, hot passion in the locker room, a forbidden passion of lust and desire.”

Speaking later via a YouTube video he added: “It’s disgraceful. I’m an ISIS leader, I don’t want to think about two young Omar Sharif lookalikes enjoying fondue in a ski chalet before making out on a rug before a roaring fire,” he said. “Death to the sodomites!”

Al Kufari said that he has sustained physical injuries fighting to preserve the purity of the Islamic State from Jordan, the US, the UAE, France and other unholy nations.

“Because of my sacrifice I must go to a male-only massage salon in downtown Mosul every day,” he noted.

“But if any pretty young man in there rubs my body all over with heated oils before rubbing his fit young body all over mine, he will be severely punished,” he vowed.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mfs28

    February 14, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    I guess I should abandon the idea of opening a gay bar in Isis for now?

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