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EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian outlines Dubai return


EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian outlines Dubai return

Bootylicious socialite says she will be returning to help search for peaceful solution in Palestine

Sexy Kim says she will be coming to Dubai to discuss the issues surrounding a 'TSS', a two-state solution

DUBAI: Bootylicous socialite Kim Kardashian is returning to Dubai – and this time, it’s not designer hotels, sparkling handbags or yummy milkshakes she’s got in her sights – it’s the search for a peaceful solution to the ongoing Palestine/Israel problem.

Speaking exclusively to The Pan-Arabia Enquirer, gorgeous Kim outlined her strategy.

“It was Edward Said who once remarked, ‘appeals to the past are among the commonest of strategies in interpretations of the present’,” said the curvaceous reality TV star, 31.

“Only by wholly understanding history, can anyone successfully take a considered stance on the predicaments currently faced today. And this is where I hope to begin my path towards bringing peace to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.”

Kim will be hosting a series of seminars across Dubai entitled ‘Recontextualisation of Contested Geo-Political Territories’, in which she’ll be encouraging lively debate with some of the region’s leading thinkers.

“Paris Hilton may have come to Dubai looking for a BFF, but I’m here looking for TSS, a two-state solution,” joked the glossy magazine favourite.

During her time in Dubai, sexy Kim also intends to promote her ‘Kardashian Kollection’ range of babyfoods, brake fluids and short-term, high-interest loans.

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