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Lebanese DJ rocks world by going one button lower


Lebanese DJ rocks world by going one button lower

Habibi 2000’s sartorial statement set to be era-defining, claim fashion experts

An artist's impression of what the now famous fashion incident might have looked like

BEIRUT: The fashion world was brought to its knees last night after a Lebanese man made a sartorial statement that several critics have argued could define a generation.

Rami Omar, otherwise known as Dubai-based DJ Habibi 2000, shocked onlookers in a Beirut bar by unbuttoning his shirt one button further than the previous record of three, leaving much of his excessively-waxed chest exposed. Within minutes, the fashion blogoworld and twittersphere was abuzz, with commentators across the world suggesting that his move could already be the year’s most dynamic.

“What Habibi 2000 did was incredible,” posted Stylezfairee, a celebrated six-year old fashion blogger from Doha. “His action will inspire a generation. LOLZ.”

With #lebaneseshirtbuttons already becoming 2012’s most popular topic on Twitter so far, news quickly spread across the globe, and many, mainly-Lebanese, men began imitating Habibi 2000’s gesture.

“Shirt buttons were being undone everywhere, it’s mayhem” said a guest at a popular Dubai nightspot Club Smug, where Dj Habibi 2000 has a regular residency.

Fashion editors were soon following the internetosphere in praising Habibi 2000’s move, several claiming it was another step on the road towards what many have called, ‘full-frontal sexual liberation’.

“Elvis curled his lips. Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch. Madonna wore those pointy chest things. Now Habibi 2000 has gone one button lower,” said Frunella Pashmina, fashion director of Sana’a Airways Inflight Magazine’s biannual 16-page style supplement. “We’ll be lucky if we see anything else like this in our lifetimes.”



  1. Mich

    January 5, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Oh nooooooooo! Please say that's a joke!!!! Heheh

  2. shoulabob

    April 14, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Yakki, Yanni, this is unbelievable….. Lets have Hummous on the House to celebrate this great naval achievement !

  3. Malibu Barbie

    June 14, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Too close to the truth to be funny! 😀

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