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Shopping malls to stay open 24 hours over Mayan apocalypse weekend


Shopping malls to stay open 24 hours over Mayan apocalypse weekend

Dubai shoppers will have chance to make special savings before world ends

Several stores have arranged special end of the world savings for last minute shoppers

DUBAI: Life as we know it might be coming to an end this week, according the famed Mayan 2012 prophecy, but thanks to a new arrangement shoppers in Dubai won’t have to miss out on any last minute purchases.

Announced this morning, the Apocalyptic All Day Sale Weekend will see almost all shopping malls across Dubai open 24-hours on both Thursday December 20 and Friday December 21, giving spenders the opportunity to splash the cash right up until humanity’s death knell finally sounds.

And to celebrate, many stores are set to introduce ‘end of the world’ deals, with up 80 per cent off the latest clothing and electronics. “We’re treating this as a closing down sale,” said one shopkeeper. “Everything must go – ideally before we do!”

Organisers are hoping the Apocalyptic All Day Sale Weekend will help reduce any sadness surrounding the end of humankind.

“Many people have told us that if they have to meet their maker, they’d like to do it shopping, and we’re giving them exactly that chance,” said Sanjay Guttering of the Apocalypse All Day Sale Weekend committee.

“Given we don’t know the exact time it’s going to happen, we’re encouraging everyone to come down and spend the entire Friday with us in one of the participating malls. You’ll be able to shop till you drop, quite literally!”

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