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Middle East appeals to Apple to include diamonds in upcoming iWatch


Middle East appeals to Apple to include diamonds in upcoming iWatch

Thousands sign petition urging tech giant to adorn rumoured device in bling

With Apple rumoured to be developing a wrist-watched sized iOS device, an online petition has been gathering support urging the tech giant not to forget Middle East tastes in the gadget’s design.

Already signed by over 300,000 people, the petition implores Apple to “add a dose of class” to its upcoming timepiece, “with a minimum of 400 Swarovski crystals and a bit of gold or platinum or something”.

Despite Apple’s reputation for clean lines and stark minimalism, petition organiser Fadi Flat-White remains optimistic that the firm will respond to his campaign.

“We’re not asking for much,” said the Dubai-based marketing manager. “You know, just a few hundred embedded gems, that sort of thing, and maybe some sort of ruby in the strap.”

As an Apple enthusiast, Flat-White said he was extremely excited by news of the iWatch. “But it would be a real shame if Apple ignored its Middle East fanbase by not showering the watch in bling, thus making it unwearable.”

Meanwhile, a recent poll found that 96 per cent of GCC consumers would be willing to settle for an iWatch with the technology of a basic Casio digital watch from 1989, so long as it was “literally covered in diamonds” and featured a “large prominent Apple logo, which could also be made from precious stones.”

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