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Middle East satire website launches audacious bid to make people look cool


Middle East satire website launches audacious bid to make people look cool

Crowds rejoice as The Pan-Arabia Enquirer reveals dazzling new range of t-shirts

Bowing to public pressure, The Pan-Arabia Enquirer is proud to unveil its first collection of official Enquirer t-shirts, as modelled here by Naomi Campbell and shot by Mario Testino.

Following intense debate (on Facebook), we went for one of our classic headlines of old. Who doesn’t love a bit of Dalai Lama in Bananarama Karama Shawarma Drama, eh?

Now, we’re not yet in the business of setting up an actual online store, so you can’t order these and we can’t ship them out. What we have done is team up with our good friends at the indie night LOADED, which is on this Friday (October 26) in the Casa Latina bar in the Ibis Al Barsha in Dubai. The DJ should be wearing one of these beauties and he’ll have a box of tees you lucky people can buy for a mere AED60.

We’re also going to be selling them at the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience next month.

If this batch sell, we’ll get some more made and perhaps do a few more designs.

In the meantime, if anyone has any clever idea how we can distribute these easily please get in touch. Perhaps you’ve got a shop where the shelves are crying out for some official Enquirer tees. Maybe you’ve got some sort of online clothing thingamebob that could work. Whatever you’ve got that might help, please let us know at Thanks!

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