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New mum planning to set up blog for like-minded new mums

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New mum planning to set up blog for like-minded new mums

Website to be aimed at mothers who also like spending large amounts of disposable income

There were loud screams of joy across the region’s parenting world yesterday after a Dubai-based woman who recently gave birth to her first child revealed her intentions to set up a blog aimed squarely at other similar new parents.

Debra McKintosh, a Scottish housewife, announced plans for a new website for mothers like herself who “enjoy fashion, food and fitness”.

“It’s going to have a splash of luxury to it of course,” she told reporters. “I’m really hoping to attract mums like me who enjoy nothing more than kitting out their kids in the latest super-cute accessories, scrummy bubbly brunches that are amenable to babies and spending their high levels of disposable income on nice, pretty things for the home.”

McKintosh also claimed that the blog would include photos of “aesthetically pleasing, expensively-clothed mothers at home with their babies, probably in black and white.”

New and expectant mothers across the UAE and beyond were quick to praise the website’s announcement, with many suggesting it was exactly what they needed.

“Finally, something somewhere to show that we’re not alone,” said Rima Chakrabarti, a new mother living in Abu Dhabi. “It’ll be such a relief to see that there are others mums out there who also like meeting up with their girlfriends for coffee, showing off their well-clothed brood and casually sitting around their immaculate, artistically-curated homes in designer heels while their beautiful children play on their bespoke carpets.”

However, McKintosh admitted that it wouldn’t be all plain sailing, and that she’d had difficulty finding a suitable domain name for the website.

“Everything with ‘lux’ in the title has already gone and there’s only a few varieties of names with ‘chic,’ ‘dxb,’ ‘cool,’ ‘arabia,’ ‘mom,’ mum,’ and ‘mamas,’ left,” she said.

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