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Nutters with guns still nutters, finds history


Nutters with guns still nutters, finds history

Shocking report from Libya shows dodgy gangs given guns still remain dodgy

Man with weapon, yesterday.

TRIPOLI: Western governments were said to be in a state of shock last night after a new report revealed that if you arm a bunch of unknown, possibly dodgy criminal types, and give them air support to overthrow a government that, while far from perfect, was probably not much further from perfect than some of the lunatics overthrowing it with air support, they turn out to be a bunch of dodgy criminal types with loads of guns and sudden Western-bestowed legitimacy.

Speaking to The Pan-Arabia Enquirer, Harry Al Belfontaine, US Ambassador in Tripoli and vice president of an oil company with a surprising vested interest in the newly liberated Libya said that he hadn’t expected this at all.

“I hadn’t expected this at all,” he added. “The last thing we thought when we gave loads of weapons to a bunch of criminal gangs was that they’d turn out to be a bunch of criminal gangs, but with guns. On the plus side, there’s been a major spike in MEDEVAC requirements.”

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