Precocious brat gets $20m for making an app or something

QATAR: A spotty, nerdish 17-year old from Qatar has sold his app design or website or something to Google for $20m.

Abdul Al-Qasseim made the thing in his bedroom, where sources say he spends most of his time. The thing, which aggregates content, clusters tweets, or whatever it is, was said by a Google spokesman to be “potentially revolutionary amongst smartphone users”. Which we’ll believe when we see.

Al-Qasseim has already been offered a position at the company’s Palo Alto offices in California, but for now he plans to remain in Qatar, where he lives with his no-doubt-already-rich, doting parents.

“I’d like to finish my studies first,” lisped the slightly creepy whizzkid, who is probably becoming popular among the opposite sex for the first time in his life.

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