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Qatar pulls out of 2022 World Cup


Qatar pulls out of 2022 World Cup

Host country makes dramatic U-turn after discovering it would have to actually compete in the event

DOHA: Qatar last night sensationally pulled out of hosting the football world cup finals in 2022. The Qatari Football Association, which made the announcement, said that it was forced to come to the dramatic decision after a further reading of the FIFA World Cup Host Country Handbook had revealed a ruling they hadn’t previously seen.

“Apparently, the hosting country is expected to play in the actual competition,” Hassan Wajani, press officer for the QFA told The Pan-Arabia Enquirer after the announcement had been made, adding that this was a factor they previously had “absolutely no idea about”.

Despite Qatar managing to do almost the unthinkable in securing the hosting rights to the finals, Wajani said that putting a squad together for the event would have been a far more daunting task. “Seriously? A World Cup-worthy team made up of Qataris by 2022? It can’t be done,” he said. “We figured that we could throw a few of our less-unfit guys into a team to be knocked out in the first round of qualifying, but to actually play in the finals alongside Spain, Brazil and Serbia is just ridiculous.”

Sepp Blatter told the BBC News that he was initially “extremely disappointed” in the news, but was looking into changing the rules regarding national team including foreign-born players. “With the right money, I’m sure we could get the likes of Messi, Robinho and Rooney quickly signed up as Qatari nationals,” he said.

Whether Blatter manages to convince the QFA to reverse their decision or not, Qatari authorities have assured the FIFA president that he can keep the keys to the luxurious Sepp Blatter Island off the Doha coastline, which he was given just 10 days before the hosting votes were cast in November.

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