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Qatari museums dubbed ‘boring’ by pre-teens


Qatari museums dubbed ‘boring’ by pre-teens

Local kids would prefer to see Toy Story 3 or eat fast food than visit ever-growing line-up of multi-million dollar cultural developments

DOHA:While the past few years have seen Qatar emerge as a cultural force in the region, the move hasn’t impressed all locals. The Museum of Islamic Art, the Arab Museum of Modern Art and the upcoming National Museum of Qatar may be delighting international art lovers, but a group of Qatari children have slammed the developments.

“They’re just really boring,” six-year old Doha resident Ali Jabbar told The Pan-Arabia Enquirer. “I’d prefer to watch Toy Story 3.”

Five-year-old Mathilde Johnson echoed Jabbar’s view.

“I couldn’t care less about Mathaf’s current show of art from the past 100 years, or the Museum of Islamic Arts’ extensive collection of porcelain Chinese vases,” she said, adding that she preferred Miley Cyrus stickers and face paint.

Similar opinions were voiced across Doha’s playgrounds and nurseries, where ninety-nine per cent of those questioned said they’d prefer to eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal than visit one of the multi-million dollar museums.

“This is terrible news,” said a spokesman from the Qatari Ministry for Building Culture. “This important sector of society should not feel excluded from our immense cultural vision.”

A source added that the Ministry was now looking into the logistics of attaching food courts and video arcades to the country’s museums.

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