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Radical clerics praise new World of Waziristan game


Radical clerics praise new World of Waziristan game

New online fundamentalist multiplayer role-playing game becomes internet hit

Radical clerics from across the world have come out in praise of a new video game that has raced to the top of the gaming charts.

World of Waziristan, which was released by Yemen-based Al Qaeda Online last week, has already become one of the hottest downloads of the year with sales of over 20 million copies.

A Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, World of Waziristan sees players control an avatar who must rise through the fundamentalist ranks of an international terror organization, starting as a lowly Pashtun peasant boy and earning ‘Jihadi’ points to rise up to the top rank of Chief Radical Cleric. Missions can be completed either individually or by joining ‘terror cells’ with other players.

“OMG! I’ve been completely addicted to World of Waziristan for the past four days,” tweeted radical cleric Abu Qatada, currently in the UK awaiting extradition to Syria. Qatada added that he’d become a Level 9 Fundamentalist Cell Manager.

“I’m utterly ‘hooked’!” tweeted hook-handed radical cleric Abu Hamza from the UK’s Belmarsh Prison. “Although my keyboard is now scratched to hell,” he continued.

But the game hasn’t pleased everyone, with some claiming that it is simply a tool for indoctrinating and grooming potential Al Qaeda recruits.

“This is complete nonsense,” responded a spokesman from Bell Pottingshed, the PR company representing Al-Qaeda. “World of Waziristan is purely for fun. But if players who do enjoy the game want to sign up for membership, which will give them access to exclusive content including tips from some of the top radical clerics in the business, then they’re obviously more than welcome.”

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