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Revealed: The Middle East’s top e-cigarette flavours

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Revealed: The Middle East’s top e-cigarette flavours

We show you the hippest blends being e-puffed around the region

Let’s face it, as we speak every man, woman and child on the planet probably has an e-cigarette hanging from their lips. E-cigs are hip, they’re zip, they’re the new buzz – or should that be ‘butt’ – around town. But what sort of fruity flavours are people choosing for their uber stylish portable iPipes? Here are the fashionista favourites currently being puffed around the Middle East.

For the classic taste of old Arabia, go for a waterpipe-flavoured e-fag, made from the concentrated juice of genuine crushed shishas.

Get that Friday feeling with this lively blend of curry, sushi, roast beef, cheese, pasta and all-you-can-drink grape-based beverages.

Gilt-edged luxury shouldn’t be confined to just your car, sauna or private aquarium. Fill your lungs with the odour of opulence with a 24-karat smoke bottled fresh from the mines of Africa.

The healthy alternative for a vitamin-rich diet, tabbouleh is a popular e-snout choice for those concerned about their cholesterol levels. Just mind you don’t get bits of parsley stuck between your teeth!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fi Niki

    May 10, 2014 at 10:39 am

    Come on no mention for the Hummus Flavor? It’s like the best-selling e-cig in the middle east. Topping the list for weeks now!

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