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Rial crisis proves a ‘Rial’ hit for world’s headline writers


Rial crisis proves a ‘Rial’ hit for world’s headline writers

Iranian currency crash opens up creative window for newspapers

‘A Rial Disaster’, ‘Is This The Rial Life?’, ‘Rial 2 Rial’, ‘Rial Housewives’, etc

TEHRAN: The collapse of Iran’s currency against the dollar over the past week may have resulted in soaring inflation across the country, worries about access to essentials such as food and medicine, and riots on the streets of Tehran, but for the world’s newspaper sub-editors and headline writers it has been a cause for wild celebration.

“This sort of opportunity comes up once in a lifetime,” said Hamish Constantinople, chief sub at the Doha Morning Herald. “We’ve literally been falling over ourselves with potential headlines, such as ‘A Rial Disaster’ and ‘A Rial Emergency’, and even more obscure ones like ‘Rial-ity Bites’ and ‘Is This The Rial Life?’”

But despite the creative outlets the currency crisis had opened for writers, Constantinople says he and his fellow journalists are hoping that the situation is rectified soon.

“For Iran, of course, but also because if an economic solution is put into place we’ve got ‘The Rial Deal’ waiting to go.”

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