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Taliban style bloggers praise Jeremy Paxman’s new beard

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Taliban style bloggers praise Jeremy Paxman’s new beard

BBC presenter’s new look given thumbs up from Waziristan

Paxman's look is "so now" claimed style blogger Pashtun Hilton

Paxman’s look is “so now” claimed style blogger Pashtun Hilton

WAZIRISTAN: British news anchor Jeremy Paxman was the talk of Twitter last night, after he appeared sporting a new grizzled-looking beard on BBC flagship show Newsnight.

But while the journalist’s facial fuzz evoked a mixed response in his homeland, it’s received a big fundamentalist thumbs-up – from Taliban style bloggers in Afghanistan.

“Sure, I may have had my reservations about him in the past,” tweeted the Waziri style blogger behind the popular Pashtun Hilton website. “But that beard is so now, it’s very fashion forward. Paxo knows where style is going in 2013. Wouldn’t be surprised if he appeared wearing some loose-fitting robes and carrying an AK-47 next.”

“If he married that with a turban, he’d be a bona fide hottie,” added @VogueMullah. “Though he could do with letting it grow a bit longer.”

Hairdressers in Kabul have confirmed a surge in the number of young men visiting their establishments and asking for a ‘Paxman’.

“We’ve had 15 young lads in here already today carrying pictures of him,” said a spokesman from the city’s Ali Barber salon. “I reckon it could well outdo the Abraham Lincoln look that became a huge hit following Spielberg’s biopic last year.”

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  1. The screaming infidel

    August 14, 2013 at 7:48 am

    Ali Barber….

  2. Roulah Labneh

    August 14, 2013 at 10:00 am


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