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UAE sympathy protest was actually fast food queue


UAE sympathy protest was actually fast food queue

Angry mob, presumed to be in support of the Egyptian uprisings, was simply a queue for popular service station restaurant Chuckz N’ Cheezez

ABU DHABI: A riot that many had assumed to be a sympathy protest in support of the demonstrations across Egypt have been confirmed as simply a queue for a popular fast food joint in a petrol station.

An angry mob had amassed at around 10am today in front of Chuckz N’ Cheezez in a service station just outside Abu Dhabi, and by midday the scene was described as “carnage” by a source. “It was like a war was going to break out,” said an onlooker. “With the current goings on in Egypt – which were being broadcast on TV screens on the walls – we just thought that they were loudly showing their support.”

By 3pm, the crowd had swelled to over 200 people and there were rumours riot police were being prepared to enter. Several witnesses said they saw people being pulled from the rabble by concerned friends.

However, the any concerns regarding the situation were put to rest by Chuck N’ Cheez manager Fatima Whitbread. “Oh, this lot? No, we get these sort of crowds everyday,” she told The Pan-Arabia Enquirer. “They just can’t get enough of our Quadruple Megaton Burger.”

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