UAE to trial new ‘mobile phone free’ traffic lanes

UAE-to-trial-new-‘mobile-phone-free’-traffic-lanesIn what has been billed as a groundbreaking new initiative, several major highways across the UAE will soon see individual lanes be offered exclusively for the use of drivers not using mobile phones.

The move follows startling new research suggesting that not texting, tweeting or posting Instagram photos online while at the wheel allows drivers to pay more attention to the road and subsequently travel at far higher speeds.

“It’s going to be a three-month trial to see how the country takes to the idea,” said project coordinator Ibraham Mostafa. “During the trial run, should drivers on these roads feel the need to update their Facebook profile or post a photo of the car temperature gauge, or whatever really, all they need do is move off the mobile-free lane.”

Several sources have suggested that, should the initiative prove a success, it could be expanded, with a lane dedicated to those who simply want to talk on the phone and drive one-handed, and another solely for social media use.

“It makes perfect sense, as both offer different degrees of concentration,” added Mostafa.

But the new initiative isn’t without its detractors. Earlier today, several hundred UAE residents signed an online petition complaining that the symbols to be used on the selected roads didn’t feature the latest iPhone 6.

With thanks to Azeem Azeez for the photo

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One Response to UAE to trial new ‘mobile phone free’ traffic lanes

  1. DubaiChick September 18, 2014 at 11:05 am

    This is a pretty good idea, am I allowed to drive in the mobile-free lane if I’m putting on my make-up?


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