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UN agency praises Dubai musician


UN agency praises Dubai musician

DUBAI: International charities and NGOs have heaped praise on one of Dubai’s leading musicians for helping highlight the plight of some of world’s most deprived people.

Australian DJ and producer Dion Mavath, signed to Sony International, wrote the song ‘Refugee’ two years ago, but it has only been getting attention and airplay recently thanks to support from a new video.

Featuring the chorus line ‘You got me running like a refugee’, the song has received applause from the UN’s Refugee Agency, who say it is the first to truly bring to public attention the situation faced by the millions of people across the world forced to flee their homes.

“The chorus line describes the situation very well,” Brando Beans, chief media officer of the agency told The Pan-Arabia Enquirer yesterday. “The song might be about Mr Mavath chasing a girl, but it’s a perfect metaphor, as many refugees have to run from their homes, often at gunpoint.”

The International Rescue Committee, which provides life-changing assistance to refugees forced to flee from war and disaster, also commended Mavath for his song, in particular the video, which features Mavath walking around his Dubai home in white pants.

“As many refugees are given little or no time to leave, they often don’t have a chance to pack their things. Many are forced to give up everything and run with nothing but the clothes they have on, like Dion’s white pants,” said the committee’s vice president Donna Summer.

Summer also pointed to the story of video for ‘Refugee’, in which Mavath searches his villa for a girl he met the night before.

“Hundreds of thousands of refugees across the world are separated against their will from their families and loved-ones. Reuniting these people is a huge effort, a problem which Mavath has helped bring to public light through this inspirational video,” said Summer.

‘Refugee’ is now expected to be the official theme song for next year’s World Refugee

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