Arrival of restaurant chain selling bland, super-unhealthy fast food delights homesick expat


BAHRAIN: A homesick Canadian expat living in the Gulf has reportedly whooped with unbridled joy at the news that Chucky McBurger Barn is set to open its first outlet in the region later in the year.

According to eyewitnesses on the scene, 29-year-old Harriet Fuddrucker screamed with delight when she was first told that the Canadian fast food chain – famed for its rancid 1,500 calorie Double Barn-Buster Burger – was planning to open a branch in Dubai this August.

“Oh my god, oh my god, no way! The McBurger Barn is coming!” the chubby primary school teacher later told reporters. “That, like, totally reminds me of home. Me and my mom used to have the Double Barn-Buster every weekend. Oh my god, oh my god!”

Despite living in Bahrain, Fuddrucker has reportedly said that she plans to fly to Dubai several days before the official opening in order to get a spot at the front of the queue, and will try to make the trip “at least three times a month, heart permitting”.

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