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Woman gives up trying to start Twitter hashtag trend


Woman gives up trying to start Twitter hashtag trend

After two years of trying, Jordanian social media enthusiast throws in the towel

A woman on a computer, as found by our picture editor

Jordanian blogger and social media enthusiast Leila Makhram last night used Twitter to declare that she was finally giving up trying to start a hashtag trend after almost two years of trying.

Makhram, a freelance branding consultant, joined Twitter mid 2010 and almost immediately began adding hashtags to her comments in the hope of starting a trend.

Unfortunately, attempts such as #whatisingintheshower, #lolledsohardifarted and #donttalktomebeforemycoffee failed to attract the online interest Makhram had been hoping for.

In early 2011, she went for a different approach, hoping to garner sympathy from the Twittersphere with attempts such as #thatsprobablywhyimsingle, #imsuchadoofus and #anotherdayanotherdisaster, again barely raising so much as an online eyebrow from the social media community.

Attempts to jump aboard the Arab Spring bandwagon also failed to garner Makhram any attention. #vivatahrir and #hosnihasbeen died as trends almost as soon as they were first posted.

December 2011 saw Makhram change tack down a more suggestive route. However, #reasonsimgoingcommando, #thatswhathesaid and #wishidwornalowcuttop weren’t continued by a single one of Twitter’s 100 million plus estimated active users.

Her final attempts came last month, with Makhram opting for a shorter, more succinct efforts for people to replicate such as #soboring, #thatsme and, bizarrely, #fattoush. Nothing caught on.

“Forget it, #forgetitforgetitforgetit.” she tweeted yesterday evening.

Photo credit: Adamr

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